TowerMadness: a great way to have some fun with your iPad

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a friend who showed me a game he was playing on his iPhone.  He was very enthusiastic about the game and went on to show me how it was played.  It was called TowerMadness and despite having a theme that seemed a bit weird – you need to save your sheep from being carried away by aliens – it also seemed quite interesting.

Later that same day I downloaded the game into my iPad and ended up having a lot of fun with it, even though it was an iPhone application and I had to run it in the x2 mode. The more I played with the game the more I thought about writing a review for iPadWatcher as TowerMadness combines several gaming aspects very well: strategy, puzzles, and competition.

The next logical step was to get TowerMadness HD, the iPad specific version of the game.  As you can probably imagine the iPad version is like a more advanced version of the iPhone one, which offers more detailed graphics and more elaborate navigation while working in exactly the same way in game playing mode.

In TowerMadness you must defend your sheep from being kidnapped by aliens.  The aliens come in various shapes and capabilities and while you cannot block their way, you can layout defenses which force the aliens to move through winding paths all the while taking fire from your towers.

While simple in nature the games offers hours of fun and challenging game play and can be extended through the acquisition of new weapons and maps/boards on which to play.   These purchases are handled within the application itself and each item is very reasonably priced.   To try out the mechanism and see how a new item could change the game play I purchased a flamethrower tower.  This single new kind of tower, added to the nine other types which are part of the main game changes your entire strategy for positioning your defenses.

I have not tried other weapons, as I am far from exploring everything that comes with the base game, but it seems evident that by adding these small items you pretty much create new variations of the game.

One thing that bothered me a bit was that the game keeps high scores for the current day and while it is possible to get on the list of top scores for the day using just the equipment that is part of the basic game, you will never be among the top five scores without employing one or more of the towers that are purchased from within the game.  Considering the fact that the weapons cost only 99 cents, it isn’t much of an issue, but it took me a while to realize that it wasn’t just that my strategy wasn’t good enough, but that my weapons weren’t really up to the task.

The simple addition of the flamethrower tower allowed me to more than quadruple my previous score in of the game variants that I was playing.   That is a lot of fire power for 99 cents.

A curious aspect of the game is that while you normally view it from a birds eye point of view you can pinch to zoom and go down to ground level.   In this case you will see the action as if you were right in the middle of your towers and of the aliens marching inexorably towards your sheep.

The iPad version of TowerMadness allows two players to play at the same time, on a shared screen.  Each half of the the screen displays a full game field (slightly reduced in size) in which each player must defend his/her sheep from the aliens.  When the last alien wave is defeated the player with the highest number of sheep is the winner.  To add an interesting twist to the the two player game, you can accelerate your opponents aliens for a price, as well as send a robot to steal one of his sheep.

TowerMadness HD is available on the App Store for $7.99 and  I highly recommend it.

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  1. Fabiano Teixeira says:

    Great article Mauricio. This is really a great game! I spent many hours in combat with aliens. I recommend it too!

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