Dropbox – Access and share files from your iPad

If  you use your iPad for doing serious work you might be interested in the Dropbox application.  You can use this App with the a service from Dropbox that allows you to store up to 2 GB on the cloud with no cost or considerably more data at a monthly cost.

The Dropbox App syncs with the online service allowing you to cache some content locally and allowing you to control the contents of your cloud storage from your iPad. The free client application allows you to visualize PDFs, text files and images without the need of any additional Apps.

While you don’t really need any additional Apps to make good use of Dropbox, you can get more value of the service if you combine it with one or more of a whole crop of Apps that integrate with the service.

Text editors in special have been quickly adopting the Dropbox as a way to conveniently share documents between desktops, notebooks and iPads.   I’m currently experimenting with three text editing applications which can use Dropbox to store or backup your documents: Manuscript, PlainText and iA Writer.  These Apps are very different one from another, but all share the ability of letting you save your data on the Dropbox online storage.

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