Among great results Apple reports 7.5 million iPads sold

Today Apple announced great results all around for the previous quarter.  New records in revenue, profits and unit sales of Macs, iPhones and iPads were established in the quarter.

Among all these great numbers one is of particular interest to iPad Watcher: 7.5 million iPads sold up to the end of September.  This number already exceeds the initial predictions which were made in the immediate aftermath of the iPad’s very successful launch which were of around 6.5 million devices sold in 2010.

In fact, Apple is now selling over a million devices a month with 4.2 million units sold just in this most recent quarter. If sales held steady at this rate, without any increase what-so-ever in the holiday period, it still projects over 11 million units sold by the end of 2010.

When you consider the record sales of 14.1 million iPhones in this same quarter it is impossible not be impressed with how fast the number of iOS devices is growing.  During the conference call in which the quarterly results were discussed Apple executive mentioned that they were past the 125 million mark for iOS devices sold.  Just in the past quarter Apple seems to have added over 15 million new devices to that number.

However you look at it, 2010 is going to be a great year for Apple.

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