The Tale of Peter Rabbit: iPad eBook

I recently ran into an iPad eBook version of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  This is an interesting children’s tale, but even more interesting is its iPad specific features.  The application can read aloud the story and it highlights the words in the text, as it does so.

This small feature is quite interesting for children who are learning to read.  The fact that book has interactive illustrations which behave as a traditional paper book with pop outs that the children can play with offers additional enticement for getting them interested in the book.

All illustrations very well crafted and make for a book that is quite appealing for adults as well. It is a pleasure to go through the book.  While I personally don’t share the notion that many subscribe to that books will have to change to make use of such multimedia features, I find this transposition of children’s books paper pop outs and moving parts quite interesting.

If you have children or if you are just curious about the possibilities for interactive publications on the iPad I recommend that you check out The Tale of Peter Rabbit on the App Store (US).

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