The iPad goes to work

About three months ago I was engaged to work on a consulting project which required me to go out to my client’s offices everyday.  Up to this point, since I had finally gotten my own iPad, it had been a home dweller, but it has now become my primary workhorse computer.

While at home, I used it mostly for reading, tweeting and browsing with articles for which I got links on Twitter.  Application review was also a big one, also. I would  have several sessions a day on the iPad.  I would pick it up, do something with it and put it down when I was finished with that task.  When I started going out with it, this all changed.  I now spend just about my entire day with the iPad in hand, reading and writing emails, browsing and keeping up with the news on Twitter and on a couple of magazines.

I rarely use a regular computer for my work activities.  The only tasks I prefer to do on a regular computer are drawing diagrams and preparing presentations.  While I’ve retouched a presentation or two with the iPad’s Keynote, I find it much more productive to create them on a regular computer using a keyboard and a mouse.

Carrying the iPad always with me has led to some interesting changes in my habits as I no longer leave any unread messages on my inboxes.  This is something I had been trying to accomplish for quite sometime without having full success until I switched to using the iPad as my primary email reading and writing computer.  I find that going through the emails, reading what is important and deleting what is junk is much faster on the iPad than on a regular computer.  The same applies to going through tweets.

My personal experience with using the iPad for all my day to day work activities has been very positive.  While I would not go as far as to say that in its current state and with the currently available applications it could totally replace a desktop or notebook computer, I will go as far saying that it takes care of well over 90% of what I do.

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One Response to “ “The iPad goes to work”

  1. rsm says:

    Thanks for this type of post. I am very interested in use cases for the iPad and find the blogosphere’s coverage of the iPad dissapointing in this regard.

    I would be interested in reading posts describing your workflows for the iPad and comparing performing tasks on the iPad with other tools.

    Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work!


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