iPad withdrawal

I’ve been using the iPad as my fulltime work computer for several weeks, only resorting to a regular notebook for creating presentations and diagrams.  So far I believe I can create these graphical documents faster when working on a regular computer.

Today, I decided to leave my iPad home as I had some work to do on my netbook during the day and didn’t want to carry both with me.   Its amazing how much I missed having the iPad with me.

It turns out that I check and reply to my email way more frequently on the iPad then on a notebook.  Also, I carry the iPad with me wherever I go in the office and even when I go to the mall next to the building I’ve been working out of.  My regular computer, weighting well over 2.5 kilos sits on top of my desk day and night, effectively as a desktop replacement.

I already knew that some people get iPhone withdrawal, but it hadn’t really occurred to me that the same would be true of the iPad, as the iPhone seems to be even a bit more personal as you can always have it in your pocket.

From now on I’m not planning on leaving my iPad home, regardless of what else I’m going to be carrying with me.

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4 Responses to “ “iPad withdrawal”

  1. Richard Gray says:

    Hi Mauricio,

    Very interesting article. I waiting for the next generation iPad before I commit and I can see me using it in a similar way to you.

    I think it will increase my productivity and client engagement hugely.

    All the best,


  2. Van Luu says:

    Haha.. need rehab center and an iPader Anonymous support group!


  3. Bob says:

    I bought a refurbished 200 dollar netbook that runs more applications than the Ipad and has an 8 hour battery life.

    It came with wireless card and 160 gig hard drive. I can use a real keyboard and the screen is clean since I don’t have to use my fingers to type things in or move things around on it.

    I can run any applications I want and open source apps for it are free.

    btw, I saved between 400-600 dollars by NOT buying the ipad.

    I don’t have to pay for a data plan or worry about it dying as fast as an Ipad. And get this: It multitasks by running more than one application at a time and it has 3 USB ports, one for a monitor, a builtin camera and I hook my headphones into it too.

  4. Mauricio Longo says:

    Good to see you are reading iPadWatcher. You have taken the first step towards seeing the light. 🙂

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