iPad 2 is just around the corner

With 2010 coming to an end, there can be little doubt that this has been the year of the iPad.  Apple has sold a huge number of the devices which are being more and more used in place of netbooks and notebooks.  I, personally, made the change to an iPad as my main work computer a couple of months ago and generally love it.

Being both a Mac and Windows user I still carry around a 12 inch Asus netbook, which I use to write long form text and to create presentation slides.  Other than that I do all my email and most of my browsing on the iPad.    This seems to be a trend that will only get stronger as the new model iPad comes out next year as well as more competing products.

I’ve  had a chance to play around with the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has been the only noteworthy competitor to the iPad in 2010 and it still seems to be ages behind Apple’s product.  For one thing it lacks the huge selection of software that has been specially tailored for it, that is available for the  iPad.

If Apple sticks to the once a year update cycle introduced for the iPhone, the next model of the iPad, or iPad 2, should be announced early next year.  The rumors about the next model are flying around like crazy, just as it happened in the months immediately before the announcement of the first model of the device.

I won’t add any fresh speculation as to what features will or will not make it into the next iPad, there has been more than enough of that going around.  Whatever the features are, they will probably be enough to help Apple maintain the lead in this market for the duration of 2011.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait much and Apple will announce the new device in January, but it seems more probable that such an announcement won’t come before February, at least.

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