Image in iOS 4.3 beta confirms the presence of cameras in iPad 2

Even though everyone already expected the iPad 2 to come equipped with one or more cameras, it is interesting to have this confirmed.  Images found in beta 2 of iOS 4.3 show the screen of the iPad with three new icons which seem to be fore FaceTime, Camera an Photo Booth applications. This image is used as an overlay to give the user a preview of how the device will look with a new wallpaper.

MacRumors has a blowup of the image.

While confirming the presence of cameras is interesting in itself, it is very interesting to see that Apple is not only bringing in the camera related functions of the iPhone into the iPad, but also those that are found on the Mac.  With iOS features making their way into OS X Lion, the presence of a ported Mac application on the next release of iOS just goes to show that Apple is evolving both operating systems towards being  more tightly integrated.

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