iPad 2’s display – putting the pieces together

A lot of speculation has been going on around the screen resolution of the second generation iPad.  There is mounting evidence that Apple is preparing for a future, higher resolution, version of the iPad but is it version 2?

Developer’s dug up higher resolution images of several resources in the built-in and freely downloadable applications from Apple.  These images seem to follow the same naming convention used by Apple to provide two different resolutions for the resources used in iPhone and iPod Touch applications.

While it should be obvious that Apple is laying down the groundwork for a high resolution iPad, it probably isn’t the iPad 2.  Why?  Because it doesn’t need it yet. This might sound a trifle hard, but Apple is doing well enough with the current generation iPad that it doesn’t really need to spend such a power cartridge in the second generation.

iPad 2 will have cameras and Face Time.  These features alone are sure to attract a lot of users.  It will have a more powerful processor, a more powerful graphics processor and surely more memory which will allow for better multi-tasking support.  All these improvements will already make for a great product which will sell in the tens of millions of units during 2011.  With all that already going for the iPad 2, why would Apple make the effort of adding such a powerful new feature which is sure to add quite a bit to the individual production cost?

One thing that can’t be questioned is that Apple knows how to create profitable products.  The original version of the iPad in itself, which has no camera, should be a clear reminder that Apple knows which features need to be included in the device and which are better left out to be added at a time when doing so will allow it to have better performance, less impact on costs and more impact on user interest.

Perhaps we will get a higher resolution iPad when the 3rd generation comes out in 2012.  Perhaps Apple will even take the opportunity to introduce a smaller iPad model which would retain the 1024×768 resolution.  This would be an interesting turn of events as it would allow Apple to introduce two new models both with a much higher pixel density then what we have in the first generation and will probably get in the second one, without imposing too much work on developers to support them.

The introduction of the second generation iPad is probably just a month or so away.  In the mean time we’ll keep on thinking about it and considering the possibilities.

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