Analysts and iPad Watcher in agreement, HiRes display is for iPad 3

It seems that a number of people have come to the conclusion that the much talked about HiRes display (2048×1536) might make it into the third generation of the iPad, but probably not the iPad 2.  Just recently we published a post which argued this point, though coming at it with a different angle than MacRumors and PC World.

Both of these sites have posts which comment on analyst opinions on the feasibility of Apple getting manufacturers to produce such a high resolution display, of such small size and in enough quantities.  That is certainly a valid point.  On the other hand, even considering that it was feasible, it would not make much sense for Apple to play this card at this point.  It’s not as if there are several competing problems challenging the iPad that need to be squashed.

As it stands now, the new features that Apple will probably add to the second generation iPad are probably more than enough to ensure that its hardware will be at least equal to that of everyone else, while its software stands head and shoulders above them.

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