It’s been an interesting year for the iPad

Exactly one year ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world. There were a lot of skeptics back then, telling everyone how the iPad would be a flop as it had no USB ports, camera or SD card reader.  Well, during the past year Apple sold almost 15 million iPads taking the world of mobile computing by storm.

In this single year over 60,000 Apps designed specifically for the iPad have been made available on the App Store, making the iPad not only a great hardware product but one which is very, very expandable.  These third party applications range from business oriented to gaming and mostly are extremely affordable.

With the release of an updated iOS which brought multi-tasking to the iPad along with several interesting features Apple showed everyone that making an investment in the iPad was a sound bet.  Not only did you get the value you already knew about, but you could get new features of which you had no idea. (Of course, Apple had already done the same with the iPhone and iPod Touch.)

The ability to combine your iPad with an Apple TV, connected with your living room TV was also a great twist.  While the iPad is a great device for you to watch a movie in bed, it is also a great way to control what you are going to watch with your family on that big living room screen.

During the months since the iPad was introduced it has changed the way a lot of people play, read and work.  I use my iPad for 90% of my daily activities which mostly comprise going to meetings, following up on project updates as well as reading and writing emails.  I only return to my Macbook when I want to write something which is more than a couple of paragraphs long.  Even that, though, could probably be easily accomplished on the iPad with the help of a bluetooth keyboard of a keyboard dock for the iPad.  (There are, of course, many types of professionals which require a regular computer to work.)

It has been very interesting to watch the iPad grow in acceptance and evolve into a major factor in most company’s mobile computing plans.  It’s also been interesting to watch more and more people surrender to the temptation of getting one.

Let’s hope that the next year will be even more interesting with a new model iPad and even more people and companies adopting it as their preferred way of accessing information and getting things done while on the move.

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