“The Daily” seems to be going from bad to worse

My recent comments on News Corp.’s recently launched The Daily weren’t the most flattering I’ve written about an iPad App, but they mainly concerned how the usability could be improved.  Now, after trying to read a couple more issues of The Daily, it seems to me that the only way to really improve the experience is not to attempt to open the app. It doesn’t open anyway, while leaving you forever with a black screen and the a loading message which precedes a crash which dumps you back to the iOS home screen.

In essence, it just doesn’t work.  I’ve seen others complaining about crashes and waits and I believe John Gruber describes the situation quite well in his post: The Daily Wait.  Common users are not really going to wait around starring at a blank, black screen waiting to see “if” the newspaper is going to appear.  After a couple of seconds they’ll just suppose that the app has crashed and press the home button to choose something else.  That is what I did the first time the problem occurred.

Considering the content I’ve seen so far, I’m not even going to try to read The Daily again, before an app update has come out and if that happens after the free trial period is over, I’ll probably never try it again as I’m surely not going to subscribe to a newspaper that I can’t read because it crashes.

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3 Responses to “ ““The Daily” seems to be going from bad to worse”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re able to get The Daily app. to start and download content but the articles are of such poor quality that in spite of how short they are, I can’t bring myself to reading any item to the end. Needless to say, we don’t think the $1.00 per week is worth it and we’ll let our free trial expire. Consider it an interesting failed experiment that hopefully the content producers learned something from.

  2. Ipadman says:

    A significant improvement in the user experience is going to be essential for this experiment to be a success. Now is the time for “The Daily” to include a feedback form on their app because user feedback could make or break this thing. At this time I do not plan to subscribe.

  3. Pedro Oliveira says:

    My experience with The Daily is not better, it crashed many times and I tried to update the profile several times and crashes. The UI is not fluid and hangs. I did not even tried to understand if the content really worth it. Never open the application again, I will wait for the next update and if I’m not really impressed, will delete it and forget about it. It was one of the most troubled apps I installed in my iPad lately.

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