WSJ: iPad 2 already in production

The Wall Street Journal published a small note today stating that Apple has already began production of the iPad 2, citing “people familiar with the matter”.  According with the note the new iPad will be thinner and lighter than the current generation device, with cameras and video calling capabilities, but won’t have a retina display.

While it is hard to judge if this rumor merits any more credence than any of the countless that have circulated lately, it matches my own expectations.   That the new iPad will have a more powerful processor and more memory there is little doubt.  It will probably have a more powerful graphics processing unit as well, according to the WSJ note and common sense.

As I mentioned in the past, I don’t believe the time is right for Apple to introduce a higher resolution screen with the iPad 2.  Apple’s dominance of the market in 2011 is pretty much assured thanks to the stability it has provided to the iOS platform, helping to ensure that users feel comfortable in investing in apps for their devices and to the large number of apps that are already available for the iPad.

Down the road, perhaps with the iPad’s third generation (iPad 3), introducing a much higher resolution will add to the enticement for upgrades as well as pave the road for the introduction of a possible introduction of a smaller model which uses the current resolution, on a smaller display.  (Perhaps 8 inches?!)

(Via Macrumors)

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