After an update, The Daily app is working better

After an update, released last night, the app for “The Daily” is working much better.  It is in fact “working” on my iPad, which is a nice change.  Before the update, attempting to open the app resulted in a long wait on a black screen, followed by a long wait on a screen which indicated that a new issue was being downloaded, followed by a crash.

After deleting the old app (as recommended on the App Store) and downloading the update I was able to open the app and download current issue, without any trouble.  The start up of the application was much faster also, without the prolonged wait in a black screen.

During a quick read of a couple of articles I didn’t notice any major changes in the application’s functionality, but the fact that it isn’t crashing anymore will allow me to judge the publication based on its content over the next couple of days to decide if I’ll become a subscriber.  With the app working I’m inclined to subscribe if just to see how it evolves over the next several months.

The fact that the newspaper app had such serious issues when it came out and that they seem to have been fixed within a week suggests that the release was rushed to meet a particular date.

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One Response to “ “After an update, The Daily app is working better”

  1. The Daily Drag says:

    It is a terrible app. Sluggish at best. Hopefully they’ll spend a slice of the 30 Million and get it fixed soon. Here’s hoping for 2.0

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