“It’s HP’s iPad.” – Apple’s total dominance in mind share

Just yesterday I had a quick chat with Fabiano Teixeira,  a good friend and colleague, about HP’s Touchpad, Although brief it provided me with substantial food for thought.   It started with my friend asking me about a link that he had just received on Skype when he logged on in his iPhone.  In general the conversation went a bit like this…

Fabiano asks me what is the link for and I reply that it will take him to pictures of the Touchpad.  As he’s been involved with a several complex issues in both his professional and personal life I knew he hadn’t had the time to catch up with the latest news.  No sure of what I’m talking about he asks me what is it? To this I reply immediately: “It’s HP’s iPad.”

The Touchpad isn’t HP’s tablet in most people’s minds.  It’s HP’s iPad! This is one of those rare situations in which a company’s brand or product brand is so dominant that it is associated with  an entire category of products. I’ve seen both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom referred to in this manner and now I’ve caught my self doing it too, this time in reference to the Touchpad, despite having gone to  the trouble, in the past, to explain to several relatives that a Galaxy Tab is not an iPad.

Regardless of what anybody else does in the tablet segment over the course of this year, it seems pretty clear that Apple has already won the battle for consumer mind share.

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4 Responses to “ ““It’s HP’s iPad.” – Apple’s total dominance in mind share”

  1. Mike Cane says:

    Let’s see if HP knows how to make it distinguishable!

    HP TouchPad: Slide. Shuffle. Stack. Share.

  2. Alexandro Strack says:

    Perfect! I haven’t read nothing that could summarize better the iPad passion in people’s mind.

  3. Paul Weismantel says:

    A natural outgrowth of early dominance. But the continued success of the iPad in the category will rest on the continued extension of the Apple experience. It’s about brand, not creation of the category. Just ask the Kleenex or Xerox folks.

  4. JG says:

    As we used to say at HP: HP has so much marketing charisma that it would market sushi as “cold dead fish”.

    I’m not optimistic that things have really changed. Not enough anyway.

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