iPad XL: Apple preparing supersized iPad

While other companies are releasing smaller 7 inch tablets, Apple is taking the iPad to a larger form factor.  Sources with knowledge on the subject revealed that Apple is testing iPad prototypes with displays that go from 13 all the way up to 17 inches in size.

These larger size iPads will be focused in the education market (13 to 14 inches in size) and the home entertainment market (the larger 17 inch display).  In the education market the larger screens would help make the reading experience better when the iPad is positioned on a desktop, as when its used with the cover that Apple provides.

In the home entertainment area the larger 17 inch iPad would be aimed at the gaming and video applications.  With Apple adding to iOS the ability to be on the receiving end of video streaming coming from an iTunes equipped Mac or PC the 17 inch iPad might become tomorrow’s personal large screen.

Touch based games have introduced a whole new way of interacting with games.  Touch interfaces are particularly good for board games and this is one segment which Apple seems to be looking into with interest.  The 17 inch iPad XL would be the center of your home entertainment experience with each person involved in multi-player game would use an iPod Touch or iPhone a game controller.

Warning: This is post is based on a totally unsubstantiated rumor.  This is just another of the baseless and conflicting rumors being spread around in the vacuum left by the lack of official news about the new iPad 2.  We’re all sure that it is coming but until Apple reveals it, speculation will be rampant.

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