The iRumor mill: anything is possible

Over the past couple of weeks lots of baseless and sometimes conflicting rumors seem to have floated around regarding Apple’s plans for the iPad and the iPhone.  A lot of this is probably related to the total lack of official information about the next iPad generation in a moment in time in which everyone is expecting it to come next week.

Everyone expects Apple to announce a second generation iPad either in February or in March and the large number of announcements from all the companies trying to get a piece of the pie is just making everyone everyone even more anxious for some information.  Any information will do!

Not long ago John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, wrote that he thought that Apple might release two iPad models in 2011. One model would be released next month and another one would be released around September.  That comment sparked a wave of posts stating that Apple would release the iPad 3 still in 2011, that lasted for days.

Even more recently another wave started that stated that Apple was testing an iPhone with a physical keyboard.  Come on!  I can accept a lot of the crazier rumors floating around but I seriously doubt that such a rumor would have even started if HP hadn’t just announced the Pre 3 phone which has a sliding keyboard and doesn’t use a virtual one.

The rumor that Apple is going to review its notification system at least came in the wake of a demo of a feature of HP’s webOS which looks like an improvement over what you have in iOS.  If people are going to make up a rumor that Apple is going to copy a feature of one of HP’s products, at least pick a good feature.

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