The iPad 2 is almost here. Could it be cheaper?

In just a few more hours Apple will be introducing the next generation of the iPad at a media event in San Francisco. A lot of speculation has been going on about what changes to expect in this new device, as was to be expected considering how fast and widely the iPad has spread.

I don’t expect to see earthshaking features appearing on the iPad 2. Apple will probably consolidate it’s position as the absolute leader in the market the iPad created by improving both the CPU and GPU and providing additional memory along with a pair of cameras. These changes will put the iPad 2 in the same general hardware feature level as the most sophisticated competitors. The iPad enjoys, however, a huge advantage over all competitors in the software arena, regardless of the introduction of a new model.

The new iPad is also expected to be a bit thiner and lighter than the current model.

One area in which Apple could surprise everyone is pricing. When the current generation iPad went on sale Apple executives suggested that they could price it more aggressively than it’s current price point in order to stimulate larger sales. This proved to be unnecessary with the iPad flying off the shelves just as fast as Apple could manufacture it.

Apple’s would be competitors are having a tough time getting their products to market at competitive price points. While myriad reasons have been speculated on for this, whatever the cause this is hurting their chances of winning market share against the iPad.

If Apple were to lower the price of the entry level model of the iPad by as little as $50, they could effectively lock out the market for another whole year.

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