Apple has released iOS 4.3

Apple has released the iOS 4.3 update this morning.  The new iOS version arrives a couple of days ahead of the new iPad 2 which is expected to ship with this version of the OS.

The update is over 590MBs in size and may take a while to download, if you are planning on being one of the first to update your device.  On my 10 Mbit cable connection the estimated time for the download to complete is almost up to an hour and a half.

The documentation displayed by iTunes when offering to download the update confirms that the iPhone 4 will get a wireless hotspot feature with support for up to 5 simultaneous connections.  This might prove to be an interesting feature for iPhone users who are planning on getting an iPad 2 as it opens the possibility of using a wi-fi only iPad to access the Internet even where no hotspots are available.

UPDATE: The download just keeps getting slower and slower. Could Apple be overwhelmed by growing number of iOS devices in the wild?  The last quarter of 2010 saw over 20 million new iOS devices sold and if the pace has kept at least another 10 million may have been sold in 2011 already.

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  1. Grafixgibbs says:

    The update for 4.3 is nice but I would have liked to see them leave the touch gestures in for the homepage and multitasking. I would have also liked to see Airprint expanded beyond HP printers only.

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