WordPress replaces Flash with HTML

WordPress recently released a new version of its Stats plugin which helps bloggers track how many people have read which posts in their blogs.  A significant change in the new version is that the charts that it displays are rendered in HTML instead of using Flash.

The removal of Flash from the stats plugin allows iPad users to now have access to all information directly on their devices.  Previously anyone using an iPad was left with a blank area on the page, in place which should have been filled by the access chart.

While I have no information that the folks at Automatic that write the plugin and guide the WordPress development were motivated by the desire to get this page working properly on the iPad, that was the result.  This change coupled with some other small improvement in how the WordPress administration section works on mobile Safari have resulted in a much better experience for the iPad user.

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2 Responses to “ “WordPress replaces Flash with HTML”

  1. Any idea when this update will go live? My install isn’t showing any available updates.

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    It is available now through the install of the Jetpack plugin from Automatic. This plugin contains the new implementation of the original wordpress stats plug in.

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