It took Gartner a while to figure it out…

A post about Gartner’s take on the tablet market and the iPad caught my eye today, on It seems to have taken the folks at Gartner a good while to notice that it is really all in the software

While Android based tablets are considered to be expensive, the truth is that they are expensive for tablets that have very little software available.  After all, if Android and iOS applications ran the same applications, then having an Android tablet cost the same as an iPad would not be that bad for business.  It is bad for business because you pay pretty much the same, but get a device for which the number of interesting applications is way smaller.

While this situation persists the decision to buy an iPad over an Android tablet will continue to be a no-brainer.  Apple’s easy to use iOS and the multitude of available software for the iPad ensures that users get a great experience from using the device.  An experience that is hard to reproduce in any Android device that I’ve seen so far.


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