99 year old lady becomes an iPad user – writes poetry

I always considered the iPad as the best thing to come along for senior people who aren’t tech-savvy.  It just had never occured to me how senior those seniors could really be and still make good use of the iPad.

An incredible video has been posted on YouTube showing a 99 year old lady who is using her first computer: an iPad.  The video tells that she has read two books and written 12 limericks with the iPad.   I’ve embedded the video below so that you can see for yourselves.

I have to say that seeing this woman being able to enrich her life and engage in creative endeavors left me with my eyes moist. Regardless of what anyone may wish to complain about the iPad: USB ports, camera, it doesn’t have flash… This is what it is all about… Simplicity!

UPDATE: This story has been picked up by Fox12 Oregon and they have their own video with an interview with our 99 year old lady, Virginia. The interview is really interesting to watch as well.